Jennifer Stonaker

Contact Information:

Office Phone: 1- 650- 723-8245
Office Location:
Sweet Hall, Room 320, 590 Escondido Mall, Stanford, CA 94305
Sweet 320, 590 Escondido Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Office Hours:

T/TH 10:00am-11:00am


Jennifer Stonaker has a PhD in Plant Biology from UC Berkeley, and a BS in Molecular Biology and a BA in Plan II Honors from the University of Texas at Austin.

She is interested in science communication and education, and has previously worked as a science instructor and curriculum developer at the Tech Museum in San Jose and the Cal Academy of Sciences. Before working at Stanford, she taught Human Biology at Caņada College in Redwood City.

Her courses include:
PWR 1 -- Beyond DNA: The Omics Revolution which examines the impact of genetics on medicine and society
PWR 2 -- In Science We Trust which explores how the public views scientists and scientific ideas
PWR 91JS -- Stanford Science Podcast, an upper division course where students produce science-focused podcasts
PWR 91NSC -- Introduction to Science Communication, an upper division course for students enrolled in the Notation in Science Communication


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