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Our language and our writing convey how we see. They also convey how we act: in an essay, for example, we model our ability to engage complexity, see through another's eyes and balance our passions and reasons. To study--and practice--new, experimental writing in the classroom is to discover better practices of seeing and acting. Such writing makes imaginative breakthroughs in perception and action possible. As a teacher and as a scholar, I am interested in how writing can foreclose possibilities but also allow for complexity, sympathy and significant change.

Gabrielle Moyer holds a Ph.D. in Literature from Stanford University. Her teaching and research interests include Modernist prose, the relationship between philosophical doubts and fictional style, ethics and epistemology. A primary question driving her work is how styles of reading and writing can help us countenance uncertainty and complexity--in others, in our choices and in our judgments.

She is working on a new book titled "A Style of Thinking," which asks what fictions have to do with practical dilemmas. She has published several articles ("Not Just Another Complexity" Rodopi Press, 2010; "Style As Endgame" 2010 Book Review, "Taking Ourselves for Poetry: An Essay on Love and the Hermeneutics of Attention" Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2008.)

Dr. Moyer is a full time member of the faculty in the Stanford Program in Writing and Rhetoric. Her courses include "Only Human: Rhetorical Approaches to What We Are,' 'The Rhetoric of Goodness,' 'Visionary Rhetorics,' 'Truth and Fiction,' and 'The Poetry of Physics.' She has also taught in Stanford's English Honors College and in Stanford's Undergraduate Research Program.