Kim Savelson

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Office Phone: 650- 725-1215
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Sweet Hall 3rd Floor, Rm 322, 590 Escondido Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

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T/TH 11:30am-01:10pm


Kim Savelson holds a Ph.D. in English, and an M.A. in English and Women's Studies. Her first book, a study of pragmatism in relation to fundamental questions about the social authority of education and culture in the modern United States, is titled "Where the World is Not: Cultural Authority and Democratic Desire in 20th Century American Literature and Thought" (Ohio State University Press, 2009).

Dr. Savelson is a full time member of the faculty in the Stanford Program in Writing and Rhetoric. She is currently teaching a research and live presentation seminar on the topic of "design thinking" for the 2013-14 academic year. This course draws upon principles of storytelling, play, empathy and ethics in a curriculum that examines all kinds of material, including visual culture, wicked problems and product design. Other courses she has taught at Stanford recently are "Happiness Studies," and "Imagining Others: 21st Century Cosmopolitanism." She has also taught at Harvard University, Brandeis University and UCLA.

Savelson is now at work on a new interdisciplinary project, which investigates design thinking as a 21st Century literacy from the perspective of rhetorical and humanities research. This project will ask about the inherently rhetorical dimensions in all design thinking, and explore the ways in which knowledge is produced in today's world in a process that relies on design solutions.


Book, "Where the World is Not"