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Susan Wyle has both her B.A. and her M.A in English from Stanford University. She has taught in the
Program in Writing and Rhetoric since 1980, and she was the Associate Director of Writing and Critical Thinking from 1997-1999. Wyle is the author of Revisiting America: Readings in Race , Culture, and Conflict, (Prentice Hall Publishers, 2004),and her research interests include early historical conflict in the American West, the rhetoric of women in the nineteenth century West, and the writings of female prisoners and outlaws. She is currently working on a book comparing the representation of nineteenth century women outlaws and prostitutes in dime novels, the National Police Gazette,and other weekly newspapers, examining the myths vs. the reality of these women's lives in and out of prison. She is also working on a children's library book about women in the West, from missionaries to pioneer women to bank robbers Wyle has also researched and written about the Hoover School Feeding Program in Germany post World War II, using primary sources from the Hoover Archives Collection at Stanford University and the Hoover Presidential Library in Tipton, Iowa. All of Wyle's students work with primary sources in Hoover Archives, Green Special Collections, or other primary source collections.



Selling the American West : Rhetorical Strategies and American Mythology